One Board Minutes

October 19, 2017

Pastor Dee Swilling, Pat Fish, Linda Buttimer, Martin Rivera, Marlene Szabo, Pam Ross, Mary MacDonald, Lisa Tringali

Opening Prayer

Review of the 9/6/17 Meeting Minutes:  Motion made by Linda Buttimer to approve the Minutes as written.  Pastor Dee Swilling seconds the motions. 

Budget: The Stewardship Team will be meeting on Wednesday night, October 25th to review the 2018 Budget requests and will approve and have their report ready to present to the One Board for approval. 

Team Reports:

Worship/Spiritual Care Team (W/SC):

The team met on October 10th to discuss the 2018 Budget requests.

As a result, the Redevelopment Team will request a line item be added to the 2018 budget in the amount of $100.

We would like to share that we are enthusiastic about the new Bible study, which is every other Wednesday night at the Church at 7pm; there were nine participants in our first week.

Stewardship Team: 
The new refrigerators are being delivered on Friday, 10/20/17.

Stoneham Fuel is now handling all oil needs of the Church.

The new cleaning company will be setting up for Arts & Crafts at the same previous fee.

Renters at the Church have been asked to bring their own trash into the trash room and to break down all boxes.  Also, banana boxes need to be saved (as they are useful for the Fair). 

The month of November is Stewardship month and the team have a special focus on this.

Church Mutual Insurance came out and inspected the furnace, water heater and electric; they were not able to access the water shut-off valve in the Social Hall area at the visit.

The Church Administrator, Pam Ross will be compensated for two more hours per week starting in November.

The team has discussed displaying the Church’s financial information (such as utility bills and regular upkeep of the Church figures) be made available to the entire congregation.

Treasurer Report:

Total amount in the endowment is $473,050.82

$9,402.76 is the available interest that we can borrow (without having to pay it back).
See attached UBS account balance sheet.

See attached Church Usage report:  The Dance Academy has returned as renters, the Shalom Missionary Church paid the fee for a graduation event ahead of time which brought their rent from $700 to $1,150. The Anglican Church paid for both August and September ($525) and the Pentacostal Church had a Baby Shower ($150 rental) which was added to their monthly rent for a total of $550.

See attached Parsonage Rental Report.
The water bill at the parsonage will be turned over to the responsibility of the renters once a plumber signs off on the energy efficiency in the appliances.

Report distributed with the breakdown of expenditures listed by expense code. 

See attached report provided with a breakdown of income totals for September; total income was $9,678.73.

Community Service/Missions

The team met and reviewed their Budget requests for 2018.
One of their hopes is to be able to provide regular support of a Missionary (Kristy Engel would be their selection).

Currently, the Church has surpassed the goal set for the World Missions collection (of $1,000).  The Mission Moment this coming Sunday will talk more about the needs in Puerto Rico.

The kick-off for Operation Christmas Child is Sunday, October 29, 2017.

The Pantry of Hope will be giving out 50 turkeys and 50 Shaw’s gift cards; they will be dispensed the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  The group will have grocery items pre-packed that go with turkey dinner; this will help things run as smooth as possible. 

They have received a great turnout in additional volunteers and gatekeepers stepping forward.
Marilyn Boynton has been a great asset to the team!

Due to some of the clients displaying disorderly conduct and having an argumentative tone, the Pantry of Hope staff wishes to write up some rules in an attempt to address this recurring issue.  The idea was discussed that a staff person write down the name of the client who is being verbally abusive, complaining or generally unruly and then speak to them 1:1 and let them know that because they had a problem today, their name is being documented and if the problem happens again, they may be asked to not return.  Also, if a client is identified as having a history of abusive or abrasive behavior, it may be a good idea to have them shop alone and then be escorted out individually.  Also, it can be reported to the clients that if the Pantry of Hope cannot report that our clients are satisfied and that overall, we are doing a good job, we may not be able to receive as much food as we do and this is why it is important that we strive to provide the best service to our clients and be able to provide the volume of food to all of our clients equally. 

Christian Growth:

There are five Sunday School teachers this year.

Children’s Moment speakers continue to be arranged ahead of time.

The animals for the Living Nativity in December have been reserved.

The Children’s Library in the Coffee Hour Room has some chairs that could use painting; the idea was discussed to have folks in the congregation do a walk through in various rooms and if they see a need in a particular area, they could then volunteer to do some painting or whatever else may be needed.

Youth Group:

They are in the middle of a teaching series called, “Splash.”  Also, the group will be going on outings once a month which increases community outreach and involvement.  Their most recent outing was to the Conners Farm corn maze.


Women’s Ministries:

The Fair is in two weeks; this is a major outreach for our Church and an extension of how we live our lives as Christians and walk in love for our fellow neighbors.

Lots of people have already been assigned to their various stations and duties.
  The White elephant room will be set up as usual.  Everyone is asked to help advertise.  A newspaper ad was placed this week to advertise.

Pastoral Search Committee:

There were many questions submitted for the Pastoral Search Committee’s survey to the congregation; by Mary MacDonald, Lisa Tringali, Pastor Dee and Debbie Smallwood.  They committee is working on having the final version of the survey ready by 10/25th and plan to hand it out on Sunday, 10/29th.  The survey will be available online as well as by paper copy.  Deadline for returned surveys is 11/19th.

New Business:

The title for the “Fall Art Appreciation Sunday” will be “Our Creative God.”  Woinshet’s art will be displayed and there will be a tutorial explaining the background of some of her pieces.  This will be part of the service and an example of how we receive and then put into use the spiritual gifts of God. 


Next meeting:

The next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Church Library.

Minutes submitted by: Lisa Tringali, Clerk

Melrose First Baptist Church One Board - Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2017

Pastor Dee Swilling, Pat Fish, Linda Buttimer, Martin Rivera, Karen Rivera, Marlene Szabo, Pam Ross, Mary MacDonald, Rob MacDonald, Alex Kant, Lisa Tringali

Opening Prayer

Motion made by Marlene Szabo to accept Minutes from the 5/25/17 meeting as written; Pam Ross seconds the motion and Minutes are approved by the majority of the voting members.

Team Reports:

Worship & Spiritual Care Team (W/SC)

Carolyn Lassiter submitted a letter stating that she is stepping down from the W/SC team, the Music Advisory Committee and the Pastoral Search Committee.

Lisa Tringali is rejoining the team for the year.

Barbara Morash has submitted her letter of resignation as the Church’s Music Director and her last day will be Sunday, July 30, 2017.  Marilyn Boynton will fill in on the piano the first Sunday in August and Jennifer Wright (who has covered for Barbara in the past) will play the second and third Sundays in August and VBS is the last Sunday of the month.   

The team will work diligently to secure a musician for the church and will work with the Stewardship team regarding a salary that fits within the budget.  Pam Ross and Pastor Dee will touch base with Kristyn Taylor regarding the survey results that had recently been sent out from the Music Advisory Committee.


Project update: The new windows (which have screens) have been installed in Fellowship Hall.

The plumber has finished putting in faucets and hot water for the men’s and ladies’ bathrooms in Social Hall and a line was set up which allows the Baptism tub to be easily accessed and filled when needed.
  The floor in the men’s bathroom needs to be stripped and waxed.

The team met with the electrician and discussed the different needs around the building, such as a light needing to be fixed in the Youth Group Room and for the sign on Main Street.

There is still the outstanding issue of three windows on the perimeter of the church that are completely rotted out and in need of replacing. 

Chime Time update:  A meeting was held with June Cuttino, Ellen Fox, Rob MacDonald, Marlene Szabo, Linda Buttimer and Pam Beckford:  Pam Beckford and Miss Karen will be retiring next year.  This group made contact with Melrose Daycare who came in and took a tour of the space; they may be interested in renting Chime Time as a second site to their existing one.  They discussed a potential 10-year lease and offering the current staff of Chime Time priority in filling any future positions, needing to replace asbestos tiles, having their own heating system and a possible name change.

The team is discussing the need to have someone appointed to manage all the events taking place at the church (which seem to be increasing).

Treasurer Report

The total amount in the endowment is $451,190.31.
The amount which can be taken out of the cash account is $4,313.69.
$7,400 was borrowed from the principal to cover payroll.

See Rental Report (June 2017) attached.
Rental income was less in June because the Dance Academy does not rent in the summer.
The parsonage is rented and tenants are on time with rent ($2,700)

A check was received for $10,000 from Florence Weston’s estate (with no specifics on how the money is to be used).

There is approximately $18,000 in the Restoration Fund.

Community Service & Missions

The team made a donation of $150 to the Good Samaritan Mission Council, whose main project is the building of the Good Samaritan Hospital in the La Romana Province in the Dominican Republic and they support the programs of this hospital and the Maranatha Church, which includes support with family planning, health care and education.  Sandy Hamilton and Linda Buttimer attended a meeting at the Abington First Baptist Church where they learned about this faith-based Christian organization as well as the woman who organized it.

The Food Pantry account has a little over $32,000 as of 6/30/17.

Brad Hutchinson was contacted by a woman who would like to plan a food drive with proceeds going to the Pantry of Hope-he has been in contact with Linda Buttimer.

There have been some new volunteers to the Food Pantry crew, including June Cuttino, Mila Astakhov  and Pat Fish.

The most recent revenue from “Recycle That” was $693.08.

Volunteers started decorating this week and more volunteers are needed. 
They will be advertising:
 around town by handing out flyers, in the newspaper and at the Kiosk in front of City Hall (two weeks before VBS starts).
Karen acquired a fabric back-drop and Karen’s mom will be donating posters/back-drop from her Church.
Karen will be going to the Heritage House in Brockton to place an order for VBS supplies.
Pat Fish will bring sandwiches/subs for the last day of VBS.
A list of materials/items that are needed for VBS has been given out with the Sunday bulletin the last couple of weeks for the congregation to help with whatever they can donate or lend.
There have been many inquiries to the office about VBS and so far, three people have registered.  Karen asks that any questions or interested folks be directed to her VBS email address (instead of her personal email).

Christian Growth

Mary MacDonald will be joining the group that does the Children’s Moments.

Woinshet may be interested in being a Sunday school teacher in the Fall; Marjorie and Gabriel will continue with the smaller kids; Lea may not be able to continue next year and Pai-Jing is no longer available.

There are old tables and chairs in the Sunday school rooms that need cleaning.

Youth Group
Four teenagers (and Meraf) went to Oceanwood camp a couple of weeks ago and had an enriching and wonderful experience in fellowship with other like-minded Christians their age.

The annual car wash and bake sale brought in around $360.

They would like to do a fundraiser at Liberty Bell to help boost the amount of funds available in anticipation of purchasing calendars in the Fall which are then made available to the congregation and others.

Women’s Ministries

There is $300 in scholarships available for any child to go to Oceanwood or Grotonwood camp (so far, one child from church has taken advantage of this).

There were ten women who met at the Church on July 18
th to help support (sewing, ironing and cutting patterns) the Little Dresses for Africa and the Dominican Republic mission project.  Kristy Engel (American Baptist missionary) will be visiting the Church on October 1, 2017 and the dresses will be on display in the Coffee Hour room.

In the spring, they’d like to have a program that highlights an outreach program in the community, such as Housing Families in Malden.

In the spirit of church growth, the team would like to submit an article to the Melrose Free Press and Melrose Weekly newspapers that would concentrate on different events and activities going on at the Church (to spread the word into the community with information on mission-oriented projects).

The Saengerfest Men’s Chorus is scheduled for May 2018.
There will be an organizational meeting for the Church Fair on August 2,2 017 to talk about coordinating and donations, etc.

The church will communicate that we would like to have a display at the Victorian Fair with a canopy and a banner set up, this is held on September 10, 2017 from 11am-4pm.  The church will have information to hand out about the church as well as giveaways and activities like last year.

Pastoral Search Committee

The team continues to meet and is very dedicated to this process.  They connected with the Green Street Baptist Church’s search committee as well as Jeff Lavoie who have offered their assistance.

A first draft of the Church’s history has been written up and the team is working on putting together a survey.

Pastor Dee has been helpful with different insights and has added a different perspective (fresh set of eyes).

As a result of Carolyn Lassiter no longer being on the committee, Sandy Hamilton has filled this vacancy (as the person who had the second most votes) and she has attended two meetings thus far.

New Business

Barbara Morash submitted her letter of resignation with a two-week notice (last day is 7/30/17).  The W/SC team accepted her resignation regrettably and has offered to be a reference for the future.

We will have a special prayer time of thankfulness and well wishes on her last Sunday. Barbara has communicated that she needs to leave right after she is done playing on her last Sunday; the Church will honor this request.  The congregation will give her a gift certificate in the amount of $100, which will be taken from the Discretionary Fund.

The idea of having an Art Appreciation Sunday in the Fall was discussed as there is lots of creativity in the congregation and this may attract people to come visit the Church.  Woinshet is an artist and has displayed her art in galleries and would like to share her gift.  We could have special music during Worship and then a reception afterwards.  The date of 10/22/17 has been tentatively set and will be called “Gifts Sunday-Celebrating the Gifts Among Us.”

Discussed having Sunday Worship on the front lawn and the One Board agreed that this is a great idea; we could do it on Rally Day, September 17th and could invite the other Churches (Shalom Missionary, Emmanuel Anglican and the Pentecostal Church) to join.  We could call this “Covenant Rally Day.”  The W/SC Team would be responsible for organizing.  This would be a great way to display our desire to invite and welcome the community to join us in Worship.  People could go into the Church after the service to enjoy food and beverages. 

Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year and service would be at 7pm (no Service on Christmas day, Monday).

Reinstating inactive members was discussed.  The Bylaws covers this topic (Article I, Section 4).  Establishing a policy was discussed, which would cover the scenario of someone returning to the Church (after being away for several years) as it is important that the individual reconnect with the Body of the Church, especially before joining teams or committees.  This will be re-visited at the next One Board meeting.   A draft of said policy would state: “To keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, if a member leaves the fellowship, there will be a period of 12 months before they would be eligible for a position on a team.  Following the year of re-commitment, they would be interviewed by the Pastor and the W/SC team and if approved, be welcome to serve.”   

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled on Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Church Library.

Minutes submitted by: Lisa Tringali, Clerk