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Bread of Life Contact Information

Bread of Life

511 Main St.                Office Hours:  Tues-Fri Noon-5:30 p.m.
Malden MA. 02148

Tom and Gabby and McKay run Bread of Life.
You will see Tom and Gabby there helping to serve.

Tom Feagley

Gabriella Snyder

McKay Russo

Sandra Lynch - helps serve
617-947-2666 (c)
617-389-7546 (h)

Michael, Ernie, and Butch help serve.

Melvin is the door man.

Additional people come on an adhoc basis to help serve.

The Ladies of St. Peter's

Esther and Celia come at 2 pm to start preparations.

Esther Carducci

Celia Dennehy

Melrose First Baptist Church

Russ and Arlene shop and deliver Tuesday nights so the food is all there by 1 pm Wednesday for Esther and Celia and also for the Malden Elks.

Russell and Arlene Perkins
781-662-7034 Home
617-895-9604 Russ's Cell
781-258-7768 Arlene's Cell

Malden Elks

Diane and Richard Keyes
781-572-5428 Cell

Jim Kelly

Kathleen Mahoney